Calorie calculator for beverages

To maintain weight in the norm, you need to calculate not only the calorie content of food, but also count the liquid calories.

If your body receives more calories than you can consume, the weight will gradually grow and it does not matter where these calories come from baked pastries or sweet soda.

People, as a rule, rarely pay attention to the calorie content of beverages, for some reason it is considered that this is not food, and therefore it will be impossible to recover from a glass of Coca-Cola.

Only water is not caloric. The rest beverages have their own calorie content.

Tea and coffee energy value is low and then, if you drink them without sugar and milk.

And there are beverages even very high-calorie, almost all lemonades can harm the figure if you drink them without restriction.
Fashionable energy, give strength also because, in addition to other stimulant substances contain many carbohydrates.

It would seem, what harm from a cup of coffee. But a cup of coffee can become a high-calorie bomb if you buy in a cafe such a cup of whipped cream and a cap of ice cream on top, sprinkled with grated chocolate.

Some of these servings (400-500 calories) are caloric for almost full-fledged dinner, with a cup of coffee you can not eat, it’s at best snack.

Of course, do not deny yourself a little pleasure, just need to consider the calorie content of drinks in the general diet. And do not drink a glass over a glass of juice, soda and other sweet beverages.

Milkshakes and juices are also very caloric.
In some countries, where people traditionally drink a lot of beverages, even studies have been conducted.

So in the USA, where people drink a lot of carbonated drinks, a person daily consumes extra 300 calories only at the expense of beverages, which for a year will result in a couple of extra pounds.

Caloric content is different and alcoholic beverages, the stronger alcohol, the more caloric.

Alcohol also increases appetite and dulls vigilance. With glass of wine can be eaten more.

If you watch your weight, consider the calorie content of what you beverages.

Fresh juices are good for health, but some juices are less caloric. A glass (200 grams) of orange juice will add 120 calories to the ration, and a glass of grapefruit or tomato juice contains only 70 calories.

Our Calorie calculator for beverages will help you calculate the calorie content of beverages.
Here you can calculate the number of calories received from the beverage. On the left you need to choose the name of the beverage and the quantity on the right. The per beverage calories are for one serving of eight (8) fluid ounces, or about the equivalent of 240 milliliters (аs it is accepted all over the world for the production of food and beverages).

Here you can plan daily calorie intake – Daily Calorie Calculator


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