Cocktails With Absinthe. How easy it is to prepare absinthe cocktails

Its second name – “Green Fairy” absinthe received not so much due to a saturated emerald color, but because of the effect on the person. The thujone contained in the drink has a similar effect to a slight narcotic intoxication, which contributes to excessive psychic excitability, unmotivated aggression, to a change in consciousness, sometimes causing hallucinations. However, despite all these dangerous properties, absinthe has a large number of admirers around the world. In this regard, the offers a selection of the best cocktails with “Green Fairy”, which you can try not only in bars and restaurants, but also prepare yourself at home.
Classify absinthe by different criteria:
By color: green, yellow, red and black (brown)
For the fortress: a large fortress (55-65%) and an extremely large fortress (70-85%)
According to the content of thujone: high content: 25-100 mg / l, with a low thujone content of 1.5 to 10 mg / l and without thujone.

Cocktails Absinthe

Cocktails Absinthe


Cocktails with absinthe and sambuca

The Hiroshima Cocktail


25 ml of sambuca
20 ml of Bailey’s liquor
20 ml of absinthe + 3 drops of grenadine

The recipe for the Hiroshima:
To make a drink, you need a small long glass, in which the sambuca is poured neatly, then liqueur. Grenadine is dripping into the center. For the final layer use absinthe, ignited by a lighter. They drink a cocktail with a volley through the tube while it is burning.

Anise Banana Cocktail


1 banana
35 ml absinth
35 ml of Sambuca liqueur

How to make an Anise Banana?
Mix all the components of the drink in a blender and serve in a cocktail glassful.

Cocktails with absinthe and champagne

Cocktail Absinthe-Boom


45 ml absinth
45 ml of champagne

The technique of preparation of “Absinthe-boom”:
Ingredients pour into a glassful and stir with a glass beaker against the bar counter, similar to the preparation of “Tequila-boom.” How to drink a beverage: a volley, immediately after the impact.

Cocktails with absinthe and sprite

Cocktail The Bosporus Jump


25 ml of absinthe “Raki” and 20 ml of pernod
2 bar spoons of lime syrup
2 bar spoons of lemon juice
1 slice of lemon zest
Soda (Sprite, 7 Up)

The technique of preparing the “Bosporus Jump”:
Ingredients, except soda, together with crushed ice, shake in a shaker and strain into a glassful. Top up the water and mix. As a decoration, use a spiral of lemon peel.

Doctor Franks Cocktail


20 ml of absinthe + 45 ml of dark rum
30 ml of pomegranate syrup “Grenadine”
25 ml of lemon juice and 20 ml of lime juice
Sprite or 7 Up (depending on the desired fortress)

Method of preparation of beverage “Doctor Frank”:
Shake all the component of the drink (except for soda) and pour into a glassful for longring. Add Sprite (7 Up) and lightly mix the drink. Drink served with a straw.

Cocktails with absinthe and whiskey

Cocktail Affectionate Embrace


20 ml of absinthe “Pastis”
25 ml of whiskey + 30 ml of gin

The technique of preparation of the beverage “Affectionate embrace”:
Mix all ingredients in a blender and pour into a glassful with ice.

Tsatsarak cocktail


20 ml of Scotch whiskey
25 ml absinthe “Anisette” + 30 ml of light rum
1 dash angostura and 1 dash of pomegranate syrup “Grenadine”

Preparation of the beverage “Tsatsarak”:
Components of the cocktail mix in a glassful for mixing and strain into a glass.

Absinthe cocktail with brandy

Cocktail Atomic


20 ml of absinthe “Pastis”
25 ml brandy
1 dash Orange-Bitter

Method of preparation of beverage “Atomic”:
All components with ice pre-mix in a shaker and gently strain.

Baltimore Cocktail


25 ml of absinthe “Pastis”
20 ml brandy
1 egg white

Preparation of “Baltimore”:
Ingredients, together with ice, shake vigorously in a shaker and strain into a glassful.

Cocktails with absinthe and liqueur

Cocktail Funny Eyes


50 ml of absinthe “Pastis”
25 ml of Cream de Ment liqueur

Way of preparation of a beverage “Funny eyes”:
Mix all component in a shaker and pour into a glassful, adding a large amount of ice.

Cocktail Green Mile


1 kiwi
35 ml absinth
35 ml of Cointreau liquor

Drink preparation technique “Green Mile”:
Kiwi peeled. Beat all ingredients in a blender. Serve in a cocktail glassful.

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Cocktail London fog


25 ml absinthe “Anisette”
20 ml white mint liquor
1 dash angostura + mint leaves

How to make a beverage «London fog»?
Combine the ingredients with a blender and strain into a container. The edge of the glassful is decorated with mint.

Cocktails with absinthe and juice

Cocktail Protoplasm


50 ml of absinth
120 ml of ice cream
350 ml of juice (citrus)

How to prepare a “Protoplasm”?
Beat all ingredients in the mixer until the ice cream melts. Serve in beer glasses.

Sun cocktail


50 ml of absinth
25 ml lemon nectar

Method of preparation of the Sun cocktail:
Absinthe is poured into a wineglass, and nectar into a glass, then the wine glass sits sideways on the glassful, absinthe is ignited and the wineglass is turned (in order that it does not burst). Absinthe heats up and burns into a glass with nectar. Further, the wineglass tightly closes the glassful and the absinthe dries, after which the capacity is put in the throat of visas on a napkin (fire can be used). Absinthe is drunk, and through the tube are inhaled pairs of drink from the wineglass, without turning it over.

Cocktail Extreme


40 ml of absinthe
70 ml of orange juice

How to make a “Extreme”?
In a low round glassful, 100 grams of orange juice is poured. From above it is necessary to put sour cognac glass in the form of a pear in which 50 grams of “Green Fairy” is poured (it is set on fire). Cognac glassful should be slowly twisted, so that it is evenly heated and not cracked. After a few seconds, when yellow tongues of flame begin to appear, the absinthe pours into a glassful of juice and the resulting mixture is covered with an overturned cognac glass. Then you need to wait until the absinthe goes out. After that the cognac glass is removed and upside down is put on a napkin, after which a cocktail tube is pushed under it. A glass with “Green Fairy” and juice is drunk at once and in one gulp. Next, you should take a few deep breaths through the tube from the cognac glass.

Cocktails with absinthe and coffee

Cocktail «I.V.F. Martini”


30 ml of absinthe
60 ml of coffee
30 ml Kahlua
35 ml cream

How to make a beverage «I.V.F. Martini”?
Liqueur “Kahlua” and absinthe – equally, espresso coffee – more than twice.
Cream – in proportion to alcohol. Ice is added as needed.

Cocktails with absinthe and rum

Cocktail Horizon


15 ml absinthe “Anisette”
45 ml dark rum
20 ml of lemon juice
10 ml of pomegranate syrup “Grenadine”

The method of preparation of the “Horizon”:
All components together with ice are quickly mixed in a blender and poured into a glassful.

Cocktail of Martinique


15 ml absinth
40 ml dark rum
20 ml of lemon juice
20 ml of sugar syrup
1 dash angostura

The recipe for the “Martinique”:
All components pour into a glass for long drink, half filled with crushed ice.
Stir until the glass is misted. Drink should be served with a tube.

Cocktails with absinthe and milk

Cocktail Milk of a lioness


20 ml of absinthe “Raki”
Milk for filling
1 pinch of ground cumin

A way of preparation of a beverage “Milk of a lioness”:
Absinthe “Cancers” pour into a glass and add the milk, slightly mixing. Cumin – to taste.

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Cocktails with absinthe and gin

Cocktail Knockout


30 ml absinthe “Anisette”
20 ml of gin and 25 ml of vermouth
2 dashes of white mint liquor

Preparation of the Knockout:
Ingredients shake in a shaker along with ice slices and gently strain into the glass.

Cocktail Affectionate, strong hug


20 ml of absinthe “Pastis”
30 ml of gin and 25 ml of whiskey

The way of preparation of the beverage “Affectionate, strong hug”:
All components of this beverage are shaken in a shaker and gently poured into a glass.

Dixie cocktail


15 ml Pernod (often used as a substitute for absinthe)
20 ml of gin + 10 ml of vermouth “Dry” and 15 ml of lemon juice
2 gash of pomegranate syrup «Grenadine»

How to make a “Dixie”?
Preparation of the beverage is simple – shake the ingredients in the shaker and strain into the glass.

Cocktails with absinthe and ice cream

Cocktail Bioplasma


50 ml of absinthe
100 g of ice cream
100 ml of red wine
300 ml of citrus juice

Method of preparation of the “Bioplasma”:
Beat the components of the beverage in a mixer and serve in beer glasses.

Absinthe cocktails with cola

Cocktail Concussion


30 ml of absinthe
25 ml of gin
40 ml of cola (Pepsi)
40 ml of lemon juice
20 ml dark rum
Pinch of cinnamon

Recipe “Concussion”:
Everything is poured in layers. “Green Fairy” is ignited when filed. On the flame should throw a few pinch of cinnamon. Next in a cocktail pour 30 grams of cola and the same amount of lemon juice (from two sides). The drink is consumed burning, through a tube.

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