Fruit champagne, from French Сruchon, from the German Bowle


Requires: 1 melon, 500 g strawberries, 800 grams of granulated sugar, 300 g cognac, 700 grams of red Champagne, 1.5 liters of mineral water, 700 grams of white champagne.
Cooking method. Ripe, but with a whole, not damaged by the skin fragrant long
melon thoroughly wash, cut off the top and clean it. Place the melon in a saucepan, in a
which she could stand evenly. Washed and peeled strawberries, peeled from
stems, lay in a melon, trying not to crush berries. Each layer of strawberry pour sugar. Fill the melon with berries to the top, and then pour into it cognac. From above cover with a cut lid and place in the refrigerator for a day. 2-3 hours before filing the crochet, carefully remove the melon and pour out the juice with berries and cognac in a special croissant or in a jug. Carefully cut the melon from the melon, and chop the pulp, cutting into small figures – sprockets, circles, rhombuses, flowers. Place them in the croaker without mixing, and fill with red champagne. Put the crochet in a cool place, and before serving, add first mineral water, then white champagne and very gently stir. Serve with food ice.

Fruit champagne

Fruit champagne


Requires: 800 g of apricots, 500 g of bananas, 300 g of sugar, 500 g of apricot liqueur, 1500 grams semisweet champagne, 700 g of sweet champagne, 2 glasses of mineral water.
Fruit champagne recipe. Wash apricots, break each and free from pits. Of sugar and 1 cup of mineral water cook a thick syrup. Fill the apricots with hot syrup and cover with a lid. While berries cool, peel the bananas and cut into slices. In the cooled down mass carefully lay out the bananas, fill the entire top with apricot liqueur. Close the mixture cover and put on the cold. After 20-24 hours, pour the apricot-banana mass champagne and the remaining mineral water. Serve the hook at once when you fill it champagne and add food ice.


Required: 2 lemons, 400 g of sugar, 500 g of strong vodka with pepper, 700 g of white wine, 1400 grams pink champagne, 2 cans (500 g each) of canned pineapple.
Fruit champagne recipe. Grated peel the lemon peel for peel. Clear lemons from
white skin and cut the flesh into thin circles, removing the grain. Cut the lemon slices
or cut into small slices. Add the lemon pulp to the enamel pot
and fill with sugar. After five minutes, gently mix and pour with vodka.
Close the lid tightly and put in the refrigerator for a day.
One hour before the filing of the crochet, transfer the lemon with vodka into the croissant or jug, top up wine, pour the grated zest and stir well, so that the sugar is completely dissolved. Then add canned pineapple (if necessary, grind them better) with juice, again
mix, try the mixture and, if necessary, add a little sugar.
Before serving, pour in the pink champagne, stir. The hook must be lightly
pinkish color. In the glasses put ice, and drink it through a straw.


Required: 4 oranges, 300 grams of sugar, 4 large peaches, 350 g of peach liquor, 1400 grams sweet champagne, 1 liter of orange juice.
Fruit champagne recipe. Remove grated peel with oranges (orange peel), trying
do not touch the white skin. Temporarily put the zest aside, and from the oranges, peel the white peel and cut fruits in thin circles, incidentally removing the seeds. Lay the orange slices in rows in crumbling, pouring each layer of sugar. Place the mixture in a refrigerator for several hours. Peaches two hours before filing the hook to the table, wash, separate the bones, cut small pieces and put them in a hanging on top of oranges. Add the orange
zest. Fill all with orange juice and peach liquor. Close the lid firmly and put on the cold. Before use, stir so that the sugar is completely dissolved, fill with champagne and put pieces of food ice, which is recommended to cook from mineral water.


Requires: 1 small pineapple (600-700 g), 300 g of sugar, 700 g of white champagne, 1400 grams pink or red champagne, 700 g cognac, 2 tbsp. l. orange peel.
Fruit champagne recipe. Peel the pineapple from the peel and cut into thin circles. Each
Cut a circle into 5-6 pieces to make triangles. Pile pineapple in layers in
crumbling, pouring them sugar. Sprinkle them with orange peel and pour them into the cognac. Mask, without stirring, put in the cold for a day to insist. Before submission
fill it with champagne, without stirring. Serve with chopped chopped ice.


Required: 10 tangerines, 100 grams of sugar, 1 can (300 g) of canned pears, 1 glass
rum, 700 g of mineral water, 1400 g of champagne.
Fruit champagne recipe. Peel the tangerines from the peel of five tangerines on a grated grater zest. Tangerines carefully cut into circles. Each layer of mandarins, stacked in
jorum, poured sugar zest, put on top of a layer of comminuted (chopped small cubes) pears. This mixture is poured first with rum, then with mineral water. Bowle put it in the cold, and after thirty minutes add the champagne. Ready hook is not mix, serve immediately, in glasses, always place ice and straws.


Requires: 1 kg of sweet juicy apple, lemon 2, 1.5 L of chilled unsweetened strong
tea, 2 glasses of sugar, 700 g of pink champagne.
Fruit champagne recipe. Peel apples from the boil, cut each into 4 parts, remove
seeds. Each quarter of an apple cut into thin slices. Having prepared them in such a way
Put it in a large enamel saucepan and add the lemon juice.
Preliminarily, with one lemon, grate the zest (from the yellow skins). Put into a pan
zest, sugar and fill it with cold tea. Stir the croutons so that the sugar dissolves, and place it for 6-7 hours in the cold. Before you serve it, put it in a crib and add champagne.


Requires: 1 kg peaches, 1 cup sugar 1 lemon, 1 glass of mineral water, 1 l of white
wine, 350 g of liqueur “Peach”, 700 g of white champagne.
Fruit champagne recipe. Peel from the peel and bones ripe peaches, each cut
into six pieces and lay them in a deep bowl. Fill the top with sugar and zedra half
lemon. Fill all with lemon juice, mineral water and wine. For a day, place
Peach mass in the cold. Before serving, add liquor and champagne, mix well.
Serve with ice and straws.


Requires: 300 g black currant, 300 g red currant, 300 g white currant, 200 g
forest currant, 1 tbsp. sugar, 1 orange, 2 cups of mineral water, 700 g of liqueur “Black
currant “, 1400 g of semi-dry champagne.
Fruit champagne recipe. Wash and pick the currant. Put it in a hook and pour it over with sugar. Preliminary for 1 tbsp. l. each type currant crush, to make a juice, and add it to the hook. Caution stir. In the meantime, grind the peel off the orange. Peel the orange from the white skin and cut into thin slices. Each slice divide or cut into 6-8 pieces to get the original triangles. Spread the orange over the currant and fill with mineral water. Put the mixture in
a cool place to infuse for 4-5 hours. Before feeding the crochet to the table, add
lemon peel, liqueur, and then champagne. Thoroughly, but carefully mix everything. Serve
with ice and straws.


Requires: 500 g of cherry or cherry, 100 g of canned plum, 1 papaya fruit, 1
lemon, 1 glass of sugar, 300 g of cognac, 2 cups of cherry juice, 1400 g of dry champagne.
Fruit champagne recipe. Cherry wash and remove bones. Put the berries in a crock with canned plums, which also should be pitted. Top with half a glass of sugar and put in a cool a place. Fruit papaya peel and cut into thin slices. Each slice divide into four triangles. Pour onto prepared earlier papaya fruit, pour the remaining sugar and add lemon juice. Blend the mixture with cherry juice and, without mixing, place in a cool place on the day. Before serving, pour the prepared berries first with cognac, and then chilled champagne, mix everything thoroughly so that the sugar is completely dissolved. Serve with ice and straws.


Requires: 400 g of strawberry, 300 g of forest currant, 200 g of blackberries, 1 glass of sugar, 700 g white wine, 350 g of liqueur “Mint”, 1400 g of champagne.
Fruit champagne recipe. Peel the ripe strawberries from the stems and rinse thoroughly.
Half of strawberries and forest currants wipe with sugar. The remaining berries lay out in
on top, place the berry mixture. Fill with white wine and put on for 3-4 hours
in a cool place. Before serving, add liqueur first, then champagne and mix.


Requires: 1 coconut mean value 2 peaches, kiwi 4, 1 citron (can be substituted with one
grapefruit), 1 cup pineapple juice, 700 grams of gin, 2,100 grams of sweet champagne.
Cooking method. Kiwi peel off the skin, cut into thin slices. Each Cut the slice into four pieces. Peaches peel and cut into small cubes. Put everything in a hosiery. Clean the citron, cut into slices. Each slice cut into eight pieces (in the form of a triangle). Put it in the crock of a kiwi, pour with coconut juice. Cut the coconut pulp and put it on top. Blend the mixture of fruits with pineapple juice. Put in the refrigerator for a day. Before use pour the mixture in the chicken breast with a very chilled gin and champagne. Serve with ice and straws.


Requires: 500 g of strawberry, 100 g of cranberry or cowberry, 1 glass of sugar, 2 cups
strawberry juice, 2 peaches, 350 g of Strawberry liquor, 350 g of fruit liqueur, 2,100 g of sweet champagne.
Cooking method. Cranberries or cranberries wipe with 1/2 cup of sugar, bring to
boil and cook for five minutes on low heat. While the mixture cools down, go through, rinse
Strawberries, separate the stems, put them in a crock of bread and pour the remaining sugar. Top with cranberries. Peaches peel, cut into small cubes and
put it on top. All pour strawberry juice and put in a cool place for a day. Before serving, add liqueur and champagne, gently stir to allow all sugar to dissolve. AT
put the crushed ice on the crumb. Serve with straws.


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