Recipes of brandy cocktails (cognac cocktails)

Cocktails based on rum, gin, whiskey have always been very popular. But the cocktails on the basis of cognac is still very rare, since cognac itself is very fastidious in this regard, a drink and when mixed with other components, “solves” practically loses its taste. All this is true, but nevertheless the cognac can become the basis of the cocktail, and at the same time very tasty. What is important is what you mix it with and in what proportions.
Cognac is one of the most common types of brandy.
And not to rack your brains over how to make a cocktail based on brandy, you can find interesting and simple recipes here.




brandy сocktails

brandy сocktails



It is required: 45 ml of brandy «HENNESSY V. S.», 45 ml of fresh cream, 30 ml of chocolate liquor, ice.
Cooking method. Mix chocolate liqueur and cream in a shaker, add cognac.
Put ice in the glasses for brandy and pour a cocktail into them.


Requires: 30 ml of cognac, 40 ml of lemon juice, 15 ml of orange juice, 80 ml of white
wine Belfiert
Cooking. In the shaker mix the lemon and orange juice, add white
wine. Put ice in tall glasses and pour out the resulting mixture. Stirring is not necessary.
the very end, add сognac to each glass. Do not mix!


Required: 50 ml of сognac «REMY MARTIN», 10 ml of mint liquor.
Brandy recipes: Pour cognac into the shaker, then slowly mint liqueur. Put in
Glasses of 1 piece of ice and fill them with a cocktail. The cocktail has a very delicate flavor,
so you need to drink it in small sips.


Requires: 30 ml of cognac, 50 ml of nutmeg liquor, 35 ml of Madeira, 50 ml of semisweet
Brandy recipes: Pour out сognac, liquor, Madera on glasses, mix everything. Wineglass
should be filled only half. Fill the rest of the glass cold champagne.


Requires: 15 ml of brandy, 30 ml of lemon juice, 20 ml of orange syrup, 0.5 g of peel
lemon, 2 slices of ice, canned or fresh strawberries (several berries).
Cognac recipes: In one glass, stir brandy, juice and syrup. This mixture
pour into a tall glass. Add a few strawberries, a piece of lemon zest and ice.
Drink in small sips.


Required: 40 ml of Ararat cognac, 15 ml of tangerine liqueur, egg yolk, 50 ml champagne.
Brandy recipes: In a shaker mix brandy and liquor, pour into a glass. Add yolk and chilled champagne.


It is required: 50 ml of brandy «CAMUS COGNAS», 30 ml of apricot liquor, ice.
Cognac recipes: In a glass put ice first, then pour brandy, liquor and all stir. The cocktail is ready!


Required: 40 ml of cognac, 1 tbsp. L. Sugar powder, 10 ml of ABSOLUT vodka, egg yolk.
Cognac recipes: With a mixer, whip the egg yolk and sugar powder.
A glass of brandy, add the resulting foam mixture. Pour cold vodka into the glass.
Mix everything thoroughly, put a little lemon peel on top.


It is required: 40 ml of lemon liquor, 20 ml of brandy, 10 ml of Hunting bitter tincture.
Cognac recipes: In a deep glass, mix lemon liqueur and brandy. Slow pour in the Hunting tincture. Garnish berries with fresh or canned cherries or
Lemon and kiwi slices.


Required: 50 ml of whiskey, 50 ml of gin, 50 ml of brandy, 1 tsp. Black coffee Chibo, 2 tbsp. L. powdered sugar, ice.
Cognac recipes: Mix whiskey, gin and brandy. Add to cocktail firmly brewed coffee, already mixed with powdered sugar, and ice. Garnish with kiwi slices and oranges.


Requires: 10 ml of semi-dry sweet wine, 25 ml of brandy, 15 ml of tangerine liqueur,
15 ml of lemon juice, 1 orange, a little soda water.
Cognac recipes: In a deep dish, pour lemon juice, wine, liquor.
mixture is cooled and poured into a glass, after putting in it a piece of orange and ice.
End add cognac. Drink without mixing.


Required: 25 ml of cognac, 15 ml of vodka, 10 ml of white rum, 10 ml of orange liqueur, 2 tbsp.
L. Sugar syrup, 2 tbsp. L. Lemon juice, a slice of lemon and orange, a little soda water.
Cognac recipes: Mix white rum with cognac, liqueur, vodka, sugar syrup and lemon juice.
At the bottom of each glass, put a slice of lemon or orange.
Top with soda water.


Required: 50 ml of brandy, 20 ml of white semi-dry wine, 10 ml of lemon juice, 1 tsp.
Sugar syrup, a few rose petals, grated lemon zest.
Cognac recipes: In a glass pour wine, lemon juice. Add the sugar
syrup and mix everything thoroughly. Top with grated lemon peel. Place the cocktail
In the freezer. Before serving, add cognac. Serve cold with ice crust.


It is required: 45 ml of cognac, 50 ml of light rum, 25 ml of pineapple juice, 15 ml of cherry liquor.
Cognac recipes: Mix rum, juice and liquor. Then add cognac and ice to the cocktail.


Requires: 25 ml of brandy, 50 ml of red wine, 25 ml of cherry liqueur, 10 ml of lemon
Juice, a little lemon zest, 2 tbsp. L. Sugar syrup.
Cooking method. Mix sugar syrup with liqueur and wine. After that
add lemon juice and lemon zest. Refrigerate, pour the brandy.


Requires: 25 ml of cognac, 10 ml of rum, 30 ml of sweet wine, 25 ml of strawberry liqueur, 20 ml strawberry juice, 1 tsp. Powdered sugar, 1 tbsp. L. Cream, strawberries or strawberries, ice.
Cognac recipes: In a shaker mix rum, powdered sugar, wine, liquor and
strawberry juice. Pour over the glasses, add brandy and ice. Decorate the glasses with strawberry berries.


Required: 50 ml of cognac, 10 ml of white wine, 35 ml of mint liquor, 1 tsp. Powdered sugar, 15 ml of lemon juice.
Cognac recipes: Mix the wine, brandy and lemon juice. Then add to the cocktail
sugar powder, liquor and ice.


It is required: 35 ml of cognac, 20 ml of lemon juice, 15 ml of orange juice, 15 ml
Pineapple juice, 2 tbsp. L. Sugar, ice, 15 ml cream.
Cognac recipes: Mix sugar and cream in a shaker, add lemon and
orange juice, mix. Pour the contents of the shaker into glasses. Add brandy and
pineapple juice.


It is required: 35 ml of brandy, 30 ml of apricot liqueur, 40 ml of apricot juice, 25 ml of white
Of wine.
Cognac recipes: Mix apricot juice, liquor, wine and brandy. Put in
glasses of ice and fill them with a cocktail.


Requires: 25 ml of cognac, 10 ml of strawberry syrup, 20 g of fruit ice cream, fresh
Or canned strawberry berries.
Brandy recipes: Add strawberry syrup to cognac, stir. Put
fruit ice cream and stir again. Pour out the glasses, decorate with berries on top


Required: 50 ml of brandy, 50 ml of dessert white wine, lemon zest, ice.
Cognac recipes: Mix white wine and brandy, add lemon zest and ice.


It is required: 30 ml of brandy, 30 ml of orange juice, 30 ml of strawberry juice, 1 tbsp. L. whipped cream.
Brandy recipes: Mix brandy, orange juice, cream and strawberry juice.
Pour the cocktail over the glasses.


It is required: 50 ml of brandy, 50 ml of dessert wine, 10 ml of raspberry liquor, 20 ml
Raspberry juice, 50 ml of mineral water.
Brandy recipes: In a glass mix the dessert wine, brandy, raspberry juice and liquor.
Before serving, complement the cocktail with cold mineral water.


Required: 20 ml of brandy, 20 ml of dessert wine, 50 ml of champagne, 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp.
L. Sahara.
Cognac recipes: Beat the egg yolk with sugar. In the resulting mass
add brandy and dessert wine. Pour the cocktail over the glasses and add the chilled


Requires 50 ml of cognac, 50 ml of tangerine liqueur, 50 ml of wine punch or Madeira,
50 ml of champagne.
Cognac recipes: In a shaker mix brandy, liquor, punch or Madeira. Pour out
a cocktail of glasses and add champagne.


Requires: 500 g any fresh or frozen fruit or berries.
For syrup: 3/4 cup sugar, 0.25 cup brandy, 1.5 cups water.
Cognac recipes: Fruits or berries thoroughly rinse and put in vases. Fill
precooked and chilled syrup. To prepare the syrup, dilute the sugar
water and bring to a boil, then add brandy.


Required: 2 tbsp. L. Cognac, 1 tsp. Dry raspberry leaves, 1 tsp. Dry flowers of calendula,
1 tsp. Dry leaves of a dogrose, 3 glasses of water, cumin at the tip of a knife, 30 g of honey.
Cooking method. In boiling water, add a mixture of dried herbs and cumin, bring to
boil, immediately remove from heat and leave for 20-25 minutes. After this, drain the broth, add brandy and serve the drink warmly.
The herb from the herbs left by the broth is passed through a meat grinder and mixed with melted honey. Serve with a drink as a sweet, instead of jam.


Required: 3 tbsp. L. Cognac, 2 glasses of water, 1 tbsp. L. Dry nettle, 1 tbsp. L. Grated fresh
Carrots, 1 apple, 1 tsp. Grated horseradish, 0.5 tsp. Cumin.
Brandy recipes: Apple and carrots clean and grate on a fine grater, mix and
quickly pour in hot water so that the apple does not have time to darken. Chop the dried leaves nettle and add to the mixture with grated horseradish and cumin. Put mixture on fire and bring to boil, then remove and insist for 10-12 minutes. Broth strain and mix with
brandy. Serve in a warm kind.


Requires: 140 ml of black leaf tea, 200 ml of orange juice, a little lemon
Peel, 3 tbsp. L. Cognac, grated nutmeg, sugar.
Brandy recipes: Brew tea, add orange juice to the teapot and
crushed lemon zest. Insist tea for 5 minutes, then pour over the cups, adding
in each little cognac and sugar. Before tea-drinking, sprinkle in a cup frayed on a fine grater


Required: 25 ml of brandy, 50 g of fresh cherries, coffee, 50 ml of cream.
Brandy recipes: Cold coffee pour out on high glasses, then, without stirring,
add brandy. Whip the cream and gently spread one spoonful into each glass.
Garnish with fresh cherries and serve to the table.


Requires: instant coffee, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. L. Cognac, sugar.
Brandy recipes: Carefully separate the proteins and whip them with sugar until
thick foam. Pour hot coffee into cups, add cognac and gently distribute on top
protein foam.

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